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Re: German Car Day Brookline,Ma.

  >Last year there was not a single Audi present at this wonderful car show.
  >Why isn't the Audi Quattro Club involved in these types of events??
  >I plan on bringing my A6 Quattro this year and hope to see other Audi's
  >Anyone plan on attending?

I hadn't heard of this.  Two weeks ago the same people had an Italian car
day.  There must have been 50 Ferraris there, plus a few Lambo's and
Maseratis.  (Not to mention the Fiats.)  I can't go myself as the Mt.
Washington hill climb is on the same day, but if you're in the area and
don't want to drive the 3 1/2 hrs. to the Middle-of-Nowhere, NH then
by all means check this out.  Spaghetti day was fine, but wurst 'n beer
sounds a lot better!  The Museum of Transportation is at Larz Andersen
Park.  It's well worth a visit for its own sake.


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