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Re: 4kcsq EM. VS VWquantomsyncro EM

Brian (and Harrison)....About 4 weeks ago I put a Quantum I5 engine in my
86 4kcsq. The intake manifold was almost the same, but the exhaust manifold
was very different and would not mate with the exhaust pipe. I had to swap
my old EM onto the quantum engine to get the engine in the car. The EM on
the Quantum engine was a rougher casting with the wrong shaped and angled
exit where the exhaust pipe bolts on. And it had the O2 sensor right there
in the manifold.

The  blocks were the same. The Quantum water pump had skimpy little
impellers compared to the ones on my old 4kq engine. I put on a new water

Is it possible that all Quantum engines are not the same with regard to the
EM? Maybe 5speed and automatics? Harrison has seen a lot more Quantum
engines than I have, but the one I got had to have an EM swap.

Doyt Echelberger
Yes, it is the same one.


Brian Link wrote:

> Qlist,
> I was wondering if anyone knows if
>  the VW quantom syncro has the same EM as the 4000csq?
> Thanks Brian Link