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Tahr Report

Good Evening, Listers!

I doubt this report will generate as much interest as my morning
report about my newly found power.

I'd set aside some funds for tires for the 5ktq, and was down to these H-rated 

  B.F. Goodrich Touring T/A
  B.F. Goodrich Comp T/A HR4-Generation 2
  Yokahama Avid H4
  Continental CH90 series
  Dunlop D60A2

I'd heard good things about the Yokohamas and the Dunlops. And, like many,
I was going to purchase them via mail-order. However, I decided to cruise
by both Sears and cousin NTB and see what they had.

Sears had the D60A2s for $59.99. Went to NTB, they were $71.99. I told them
about Sears. "That's not supposed to happen" was what I was told. "And?" I 
said. "We'll match their price." Ok. But I decided to go with Sears anyway.

I set up the purchase in advance, they called me when the tires came in
(they had 3). I arrived at the agreed upon time, they loaded me up and
aligned it (better than the Audi dealership did) and off I drive to enjoy
my new tires.

Today after returning to the office after lunch, I look down at the dirtying
sidewalls and notice: P205-65HR15! Not the 205-60HR15s I ordered! I had to take
an extra hour to go in to Sears today and stand in line for most of that hour
waiting to get the matter straightened out. My boss already thinks I take off 
too much time away from the orifice, er, office.

They called me before 5 this afternoon and said the correct tires are now in.
I was tempted to see how much rubber I could wear off these things before I
take them back. But no, I won't do that. The correct ones better not have
*anything* wrong with them, though. 

But I have no right to bitch. Until I saw that the size was wrong, they felt
fine. I really like the way they feel, although inflate to only 30 lbs, they
feel a bit soft. Is that the correct pressure for these tires at around this
size on a 5ktq?

Very quiet tires. Nice in the rain today, too, although I didn't get a chance
to drift it through a turn (too much traffic today).

And gee, I get to start off with another new set tomorrow night! I guess that's
turning lemons into lemonade...

getting thirsty, -doug q
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)       [Call me "Doug"]
    QuattroClub USA# 4536     Audi International # 100024
       74 100LS Auto,     84 Coupe GT 
       77 100LS Auto,     86 5Kcstq QLCC 1.8bar  
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