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Rear caliper rebuild

Hello all,

I have a question regarding rebuilding rear calipers on a S4. My rear
calipers have 62K miles on them and I will be pulling them off and
disassembling them in an effort to get them powdercoated to match the big
reds front. Vain, I know, but I am not in this to half ass it.

I have rebuilt plenty of fixed calipers without parking brake functionality.
I am assuming that the majority of the work on the rear floating caliper
with the parking brake will be fairly straightforward. I already have the
rebuild kit which consists of new piston seals, dust boots, and a special
lubricant that the seals need to be soaked in for 45 minutes prior to

Do I need compressed air to get the piston out of the caliper? Or can I use
the tool that is normally used to push (& turn) the piston back into the
caliper body to pull it all the way out? Besides this is there anything in
particular I should be watching out for?