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VR6 & Beemer Whls 4 sale.

Ok, a little off topic, but they're
both German, and Audi is a VW company.

A friend of mine is doing some spring
cleaning and is selling the following,
used, but in excellent condition.

OZ Montecarlo 17inch Corrado VR6 wheels
with 215/40/17 tires, low miles on them.
Originally paid $1800+ for them from the
Tire Rack. They were on a 1993 model.
He's asking $900.

Raceing Dynamics BMW 5 series, 5 hole
wheels, no tires. If interested contact
me and I'll get price/model info.

Also, a complete stainless exhaust for a
Acura NSX, used one month. Orignal cost
around $2500.

If interested in anything, let me know via
email and I'll give you his number, everything
is located in Boston,MA area, and I could probably



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