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Steve Ensch wrote:

> I had a poor experience from NTB.  They matched the price of the Tire
> Rack/Discount tire if I presented proof (EC Ad).   That was fine since the
> tires were $44.00 plus shipping, which we agreed would be $9/tire.  So I
> made out we'll on that.  But I paid $79 for a four wheel alignment that was
> never performed.  I had the car up a week later and noticed a new bolt in
> the tie rod, a stand out of the service performed on my car.  I noticed
> though the adjustment on the tie-rod assemblies was rusted and corroded.  I
> attempted to loosen them but to no avail.  The damn things were seized.  I
> replaced both tie-rods and took the old pair in for evidence to get my
> refund.  Sure enough they gave me a cash refund for the alignment job.
> The Dunlops are very good tires for the money.

Yes, I agree that NTB is probably about as bad as sears, but I haven't had any
bad experiences there.  I have switched to a place called Butler Tire, and
they are very professional, fast, and do excellent work.  As far as your
mystery alignment goes, since I always feel that I am getting screwed at the
shop (no matter which one) so I usually find an excuse to stand with the tech
while the work is being performed.  Perhaps an annoyance to him, but I feel
better that way.

BTW, that is interesting that they will match mail order ad prices.  Did that
price include installation?

'97 A4ta