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Lubro Moly

If I've never treated my engine to Jectron or Ventil Sauber, but have run 
Chevron with Techron for the majority of owning my car (I'm a bit 
embarassed to say that I've been trying the Costco gas for the last few 
fillups in the interest of economy, no problems yet).

Anyway, I have some Jectron and Ventil Sauber ordered, and when it gets 
here, how should I use it?  I understand for really dirty engines, one 
should use one bottle of Jectron in only a quarter tank, but for 
maintenance, use it in a whole tankful.

I also was told to use the Ventil Sauber in the next tankfull (full tank) 
after running out the Jectron.  What do you think?

Oh yeah, I also got some MOs2 moly lube as well, that I will put in I 
guess with the oil change that will come after the last of the gas 
treatment(s).  Any comments there?