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Re: S4 Hiccough. HELP!

I have the exact same year car with only 44K  and had the exact same thing
happen.  The fix was to replace the coil packs and spark plug boots.  It
needed only two of them but I replaced them all.  How to diagnose?  Well my
case I took it to the worst Audi dealer in the country and said fix it. 
After 5 months they did.  They owed me free repair though.  I did ask them
how they diagnosed this and they said that they swaped the coils from a good
S4.  So, unless you have a second set of coils, I am not sure how you would
diagnose.  Anyone else have ideas????


>From: "Bahlkow, Gary" <GBahlkow@LandVest.com>
>To: "'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Subject: S4 Hiccough.  HELP!
>Date: Wed, Jun 10, 1998, 16:01

>Just purchased a 92 S4 with 68k.  On the ride home from DC to Portland
>ME, I experienced what can best be described as a hiccough. For a
>fraction of a second it seemed like somebody flipped the run switch off
>then quickly back on.  First time it happened twice within two minutes.
>Second time it happened once.  Third time it happened twice.  Then I
>drove 5 hours without a repeat.  Maybe a fuel pump relay?  Any
>diagnostic ideas welcome.  It is the kind of intermittent thing that
>would never happen when you want it to.
>By the way, if anybody needs a mechanic in the DC area, Paulo at
>Autocentro was great.  I found him on the Quattrolist  of mechanics.
>Very thorough and reasonably priced.  Made a cyber purchase very user