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>BTW, that is interesting that they will match mail order ad prices.  Did that
>price include installation?

NTB does price "match" but at least in my case they tacked on the cost
of shipping to their price.  I argued that I am not paying sales tax
since it is mailorder.  The individual I was talking to couldn't seem
to grasp that concept and since I was leaving the car unattended/unobserved
I decided not to antagonize him to the point of who knows what.

One thing I find interesting about the NTB negative comments is that
when I visited VW Sport here in the DC area they said that they take
the cars they are working on to NTB for allignments.  Ditto Porsche
Pitstop.  I dont know what that means but the thing I like about NTB
is that they don't have one of those "stay out of the work area" policies
that most chain type places do.  If you have the time to wait you can,
and I do, watch them at every step of the way.  I also take the opportuinity
to check the underside of the car while it is up on the lift.

My $.02.

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 256K Miles

P.S.  Almost forgot to answer your question.  Installation every time
I have been was extra.