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Re:S6 differential switch

>The function of this switch is to lock the rear differential so that both
>wheel spin at the same speed.  ONLY DO THIS on dirt roads, mud, rain, and
>snow.  When the switch is locked, and you go around a corner (with the inside
>wheels spinning slower than the outside ones) you can damage you diff.  The
>system automatically disengages at 15mph.  This feature is handy if you have
>ever had the problem where you get your wheels stuck in something, and the
>engine power always goes to the wheels that is easier to spin (the one in
>mud!).  Here you just lock the diff,and shoot on out of the mud or snow >drift.

Bingo.  Growning up in Michigan, the sage driver's ed advice on 4WD (pickups, Bla(h)zers, etc- ie, pre-quattro) was:
Always drive in 2WD.  Get stuck?  Switch to 4WD and drive away.
But if you always drive in 4WD and you get stuck- too bad!
I've applied this principle with great success to the rear diff lock on my '91CQ.  Very disappointed to hear this "help
button" is not present in newer q's.

Matt Rooke
San Jose CA