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Re: Vacuum Leak Detection

At 10:59 PM 6/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>What are the symptoms?  If it's boost that never goes above 1.4bar, I'll
>bet it's your wastegate frequency valve; this valve goes on almost EVERY
>car.  One of those "60k" parts :(
>91 200q 20v

Bingo!  Yes, my WGFV is bad.  I ran the output test mode of fault code
reading, with the test light, and it nicely demonstrated a dead WGFV.
Thanks go to Scott Mo. for his excellent homepage writeup on running these
tests.  I do have low boost (max 1.3 bar) and it would be great if this is
the culprit.

But what about my vacuum leak?  Can I assume I have a vacuum leak somewhere
since the engine doesn't even stumble when the dipstick is pulled and the
oil filler cap removed?  Would this also cause low boost?

Again, this is all re: a 91 200tq

Dave C.