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RE: Should I buy an A4?

<<A4 2.8. My wife and I are considering buying a new one and would very =
<<much appreciate any input you all could give us concerning this model. =
<<We are looking at a 98 2.8 with the sport package at least.=20
<<=20Are there specific things that are prone to fail on a 2.8Q? What is the =
<<life expectancy of tires, bearings, brakes, drive shafts, etc.? Are ther =
<<any particular items that need special and/or frequent attention?
<<Thanks to one and all who have any input?

These cars are wonderful,and have have top notch quality (like all audis).
You will be a part of our cult here when you get one, because you will be so
impressed with the styling, driving and handling of the car.  The ONLY thing
that has ever come up as a quality issue are the valve cover gasgets leak
early on the 12V V6, and I bet this has been corrected on the 30V V6 which has
a different head.

Go for the Sport package, don't go for the BOSE package, and be sure to buy
the CD player when you get the car; it's only $295.

Also, check out www.A4.org, these guys know the A4 inside and out.

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