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RE: Need pics of prototype Audis/spy photos of Audis

"PAT MARTIN" <MARDKINS@classic.msn.com> wrote:

>Was built in 1973.  Looks like a very smoothed out Lancia Scorpion.
>Here is the write-up.

>The key feature of this Bertone design is stated in its name: Trapeze.

I've recently bought a low-volume book published by the Dutch Audi club,
which lists all (sic) special bodies and prototypes based on Audis and
DKWs. The Trapeze is not listed, but a lot of other oddities are. What do
you think of an UrQ stationwagon? or a helicopter powered by an Audi I5?
Or the 6-door Audi 200 Pullmann Limousine? Or the inane Treser Hunters,
based on jacked-up 4000s and 90s, with enormous plastic wheelarches and
There are too many odd cars in this 51-page book to be mentioned. Pity it's
all black & white, with mostly bad repro quality.


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