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My Quattro Totaled?

Last week, that deer hit me and my insurance company -is- going to cover the
damage. They inspected the car on monday and appraised the damage at $3100
and will pay for repairs. I expected anything that high to be a total loss.
It's an 87 5Kq with 106+K on it, I estimate that's about what it would cost
to replace. Is my car really worth much more than that?  I'm thinking about
taking the $3100 and looking for another car and parting out the one I have.
Except for the hood, lights, and passenger side fender everything is in good
shape. Any thoughts?
Good thing I always keep a spare, an 83 5k which cost a whopping $200!
Ofcourse I didn't tell the insurance people about that, they give me $15 a
day for a rental.
From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net