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MB head solutions (again) and other $tuff

I sat down last night after everyone else had cleared out from work and
started looking at my 88 Urquattro as a collection of expensive parts
through my friendly parts program, ETKA.  After looking at the price of
lifters, cam, valves etc, I came to the  same conclusion as Phil.  I
ordered a complete exchange head to replace my 375 000 km slightly used
one.  I am hoping to receive it before my car goes to the only true Ur
specialist in the country in two weeks.  

I prayed to the VW gods to have kept up stocks in Kassel, tomorrow I'll
know.  I made the order as CD (car down) factory order, as (as I expected)
the Scandinavian depot in Sodertalje did not have one i stock, and I wanted
a speedy delivery.

So far I've replaced the WOT/idle switch, ordered all new intake hoses and
a bomb, replaced the WGFV, replaced a_lot_of vacuum hoses, replaced plugs,
wires and plug connectors.

I think the total (parts only) tally is around USD 3000 so far. 
Shocks,springs, multitude of bushings, wheel bearings, radiator, brakes,
turbocharger(likely a_little_worn) to come.

The ETA for completed (mechanically) car is August 1.  Then on to the
cosmetics and the interior bits.  My wife is sure I've lost my head.  

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland