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Re: R-134a conversion on 5kcstq

Wallace White <whitew@leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> I'm currently in negotiations for the 214k mile 5kcstq, but whether I end
> up getting it or this other one, I'm going to need a new A/C compressor.
> The shop that will be doing it recommended doing a R-134a conversion at
> the same time, but I am not excited about the increased pressures needed
> for R-134a and other considerations. Any recommendations or BTDTs?


The A/C guy filled my stock Coupe GT system with R134a, and it's been 
blowing cold ever since.  I have a small leak at the compressor, so I'll 
just have it topped off or serviced when it needs it.

Not to start off a rope, I mean thread, but what do you mean by increased 
pressure?  We didn't do anything with my stock pressure switches (high and 
low), and I have the same compressor, so whatcha mean?