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re: Pentosin

Thank you, Scott.
The lack of a p/n was what had me confused.  The owners manual and the
reservoir both spec p/n G002 000.  
I understand this si the green stuff and that's what I'll stay with.

One place I have seen ref. to using the red stuff in Audi is a parts
catalog from European Precision.  

An exact quote from their catalog follows:

G-002-000Green Hydraulic Fluid mineral for P/S pump 5000 84 - (CHF 7.1)
G-002-000Red   Hydraulic fluid (synthetic) for P/S pump Audi 80, 90, 100,
200 (11S)

I suspect this is WRONG, based on what you and others tell me.  I just
wonder where they get this.

Dave C.