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MB head solutions (again) and other $tuff

In message <199806112029.XAA08534@vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> I prayed to the VW gods to have kept up stocks in Kassel, ...

There is at least one MB exchange head in Soest.  To be honest, I
find them more reliable than Kassel.

> I think the total (parts only) tally is around USD 3000 so far.

HAHAHAHAH!!!  GBP16000 in five years and counting!  MBs are expensive

> My wife is sure I've lost my head.

Your wife is not alone.

And then again - I left the Plough at Hickling this evening at 00:35.

Rolling down the road, you wriggle into the seat, set the radio, set the
heating (it's a cool evening today), decide how wet it is, check the
temperature gauge - and as it warms up, it starts to get interesting.

Five miles down the road, things are starting to behave as they should.
The engine is getting warm, so is the heater, you've got the wipers
programmed, and you're "wriggled in".  60 miles of twisting and undulating
English "A" roads follow - is there any other vehicle on Earth that
makes such a thing more pleasurable than an MB?  Perhaps a 20V comes
a close second.  A driving platform with both poise and grunt.

 Phil Payne
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