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Re: best way through firewall?

>I need to run a 12 gauge wire from the battery to the trunk on a ,89 90Q.
>I was wondering where the best place to get the wire through the firewall is?
>Any help would be great.
On my 5k, there were nice handy rubber plugs in the firewall.  I poked a
hole in one, and fed the wire through.

Also, on the 5k, it was very easy to go from the trunk to under the rear
seat.  Of course, the battery is under there, so the seat comes off nicely
and everything...

One thing I found very helpful was taking a bright shop light and sticking
it where I was(or where I wanted to go) and then looking for the light in
the opposite place.  Worked very nicely.  Helped if you were in a garage
and could turn out the lights to see the light better.


Brett Dikeman
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