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Rear Diff mounts (minor green badge content)

Does anyone know if I can replace rear diff mounts without removing it (the 
diff that is) from the rear subframe? It doesn't look too bad but I have to say
I haven't looked very closely at how accessible they are. Looking from the rear 
of the car, the right hand mount is allowing about 2cm (clunk) of travel (clunk)
of that side (clunk) of the diff up and down.

I was going to buy them from quattro corner nr Birmingham as they are about
five quid cheaper than from the dealer, is it worth replacing them all whilst I
am at it or just the one giving grief? I reckon I'll just replace the dodgy
one but just thought I'd ask.

I have spent 1000 gbp on the quattro since Christmas, 220 4 new tyres and
wheel alignment, 400 cyl head refurb and 400 welding and bushes replacement,
can I get off this ride yet? those pesky 4wd cars eh!?

1000 garage bills,
900 buying the sodding (er delightful?) thing,
470 insurance,
10k miles of petrol at 10 p per mile (ish) is 1000 quid petrol
cost per mile of 
34 pence, hey that's not too bad at all really, long distance rail travel 
costing 6p per mile. I can't believe I've done 10k since Christmas! Worth every 
penny though, returning from a stag weekend late Sunday/ early Monday I was 
taking the scenic route via Hereford and there were some lovely A roads that
I just kept it at 70 on and chucked it round the corners, weeeeeeeeee!!

Ah, officer, yes this my car, nice innit? (ooops!)