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1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro $3600 (Boston)

FYI to those of you who expressed an interest in this car:

I'm having all the 'issues' below' repaired today by the dealer.  The bill
will likely come to $800-$1000, but I feel much more comfortable doing
things this way.

Here's the deal:  I will split the cost of the repairs 50/50 with whoever
buys the car.  If the repairs cost $800, we add $400 to the sale price.


1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro for sale:

Pearl white, black leather -- matching white accented alloys

   114K Miles
   2nd owner since May 97
   Absolutely immaculate, owned by 1 family and garaged for 9 1/2 out of 10
   Pearl white, black leather
   4-way memory seats, heated front and rear
   heated mirrors, washer nozzles
   new Michelin MXV4s
   new brakes
   new cell phone, Audivox
   10-spkr sound system
   trip computer
   power locks, steering, brakes, windows -- everything
   A/C (needs work)
   Power sunroof, moon roof

Recent work

   New brakes (all original parts) -- ($1300) --  30 days ago
   Brand new (last week) Michelin MXV4 -- approx. $600
   Starter ($500) -- December 97
   Oil cooler lines ($600) --


   A/C doesn't work - compressor
   needs right front wheel bearing
   May need pwr steering pump, rack was don e in '95