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Re: Alldata Auto repair cd

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From: Todd Young <tyoung@wamnet.com>
To: SSpangenbe@aol.com <SSpangenbe@aol.com>; quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 1:28 PM
Subject: Re: Alldata Auto repair cd

>I worked as a service coordinator in a garage for a year and that was
>the most used tool in the whole shop. I'm not sure how it works if
>you order just a single CD, but at the shop we had a yearly contract,
>if we couldn't find something on the discs (rare), we just gave them
>a call and they would research and fax over the info. I highly
>recommend this product.
I wouldn't say great, at least for my 93 90.  The only thing worth anything
is the wiring diagram.  The rest of the info is through in their from the
5cyl 90s.  Lame.  The only reason I didn't return it was for the wiring
diagram.  But I am not sure if that is from the 5cyl 90s as both are wired
pretty much the same.  Other Audi versions might be better, but I'd second
think when it comes to the V6 engine models.

>SSpangenbe@aol.com wrote:
>> I just installed this repair manual CD and it sure beats my Chilton's
>> book.  This CD has everything:  wiring diagrams, parts locations, repair
>> procedures, technical service bulletins, and tips, etc.
>> I have never seen the Bentley manual so I can't compare it.  But this CD
>> well worth the $29.95 I spent.  There website is www.alldata.com.
>> No affiliation.
>> Scott Spangenberg
>> 89 200t
>> 188k miles
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