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Re: Alldata Auto repair cd

Personally, I DO NOT recommend the ALLDATA repair data for the 5k.
It may be improved for the 100/200, but for the 5k it is sketchy at
best and in some places, just plain WRONG.

I do however recommend the TSB CD.  Don't waste your money on the
repair data though.  Get the Bentley instead.


> I worked as a service coordinator in a garage for a year and that was
> the most used tool in the whole shop. I'm not sure how it works if
> you order just a single CD, but at the shop we had a yearly contract,
> if we couldn't find something on the discs (rare), we just gave them
> a call and they would research and fax over the info. I highly
> recommend this product.

> SSpangenbe@aol.com wrote:

> > I just installed this repair manual CD and it sure beats my Chilton's Import
> > book.  This CD has everything:  wiring diagrams, parts locations, repair
> > procedures, technical service bulletins, and tips, etc.
> >
> > I have never seen the Bentley manual so I can't compare it.  But this CD is
> > well worth the $29.95 I spent.  There website is www.alldata.com.
> >
> > No affiliation.
> >
> > Scott Spangenberg
> > 89 200t
> > 188k miles

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