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RE: '83 urquattro colors

> Was there a charcoal-type color for the '83 urquattro?  Looking at Chris
> Tucker's urquattro page, the only possiblity I see is "Montego black".
... in '83 I'd think that's your best choice (Montego black - Metallic, code
Y9V) ... if you look at 1985 though there is a Graphite - Metallic (code
B7V).  I know that I've seen an '85 in this color ... I don't recall seeing
an '83 in black though.  Bob D'Amato put up some stuff I pulled from my
fiche on the subject at the following URL:


This page has monthly production numbers for cars an WX engines as well as
all the option codes.  BTW, Bob's main page is at http://www.quattro.org

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)