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Re: Turbo Boost Gauge

>Naah! Pep Toys is the wrong place indeed.

>The best would be VDO Vision series, p/n 150121, -30" to +25psi.
>It's usually around $35 from various vendors found in the EC.

>I have -30" to +20psi gauge in my 200, it was 15bux from
>JCWhitney catalogue. You can see it on the pic at the URL below. 
>Incidentally I have just ordered yet another one for the A4, p/n
>81KE0097Y, page 47, cat #614C.
>Don't forget to order the black round housing, p/n 81KE1095A,
>Igor Kessel

I can vouch for the latter. I bought and installed the J.C. Whitney gauge and 
housing for my GTX; works as advertised (though it seems to take a quick jump 
when passing through the 0-5psi range - I'm not sure if this is correct or due 
to a kink in the tubing I installed).  Isn't often that you take a dollar 
shortcut for a piece of equipment and it actually does what you hope. 

Frank M. 
'90 200TQ
'88 Mazda 323 GTX