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Re: OEM CD changer with Audi/Bose radio

Aha, progress! I thought mode-button operation was possible with the later
equipment. Now I need to figure out is whether or not my '91 6-disc CD
controller has the wiring needed for being used via the mode button. Since
Audi evidently switched to a 10-disc player after '91, I fear that the
controller's wiring to the radio may also have changed at that time. So
maybe I'm stuck with using FM input.

Mark, is your Audi changer the 6- or the 10-disc?

>On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Phil Rose wrote:
>> >From lack of response, I conclude that Qlisters have no knowledge of the
>> (Audi) OEM CD changer being connected to the Gamma Bose radio in such a way
>> that tuning to 88.3 Mhz is NOT needed for CD playing????? This would mean
>> that the "Mode" button is used for cassette-play _only_?
>> By "Gamma Bose radio" I am referring to the later-style radio used from
>> '92-(?).
>> Sorry for the multiple requests.
>> Phil
>> Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
>> '89 100
>> '91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com
>Must've missed your earlier posts, Phil.  I have the OEM CD Changer in my
>S4, and it's hard-wired (as opposed to FM signal).  Thus, the mode button
>on the gamma toggles between cd/tape/radio.
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