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Re: AVERAGED 108 mph?!

That bests mine.  I drove from the north side of Detroit to the north side of
Chicago in three hours fifteen minutes before.  I averaged 93 MPH.

Whaddya want, it was for a girl!

(BTW, that was in my first 5KTQ, an '86.)

Best Regards,

Michael Lindner
'88 5000 cs Turbo Quattro
'88 VW Jetta GLi 16v
'98 Chevrolet Suburban

:Shayne, are you insane? Where, why, when, and how? Oh, and one more, what
:model MB were you driving?
:"...237k miles was driven over 1300 miles in about 12 hours.  That is right
:averaged over 108 MPH,  I had one other passenger and the AC on full..."
:btw, your post made me feel much better about my last one. I came off like
:a pussycat.
:Sean Ford
:'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 38k mi