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RE: Spark plug wires (2.8 V-6)

Wires from Audi cost $40 apiece... so figure a total of $240 at the

I went to Pep Boys, and got a set for $149 (within two days, special
ordered, which is a lot better than Blaufergnugen, who gave me a
runaround for six weeks, for the SAME set, at a higher price... phew..
at least you know how I feel about Blau...) . They are made by
Borg-Warner, and they are called KoolWires. They have OEM Audi
connectors on the end (with the four rings and Beru inscribed), and fit
perfectly. No problems since, and I've had them on for quite a while
(probably at least 45k miles so far).

I posted this info a while ago, so the part # is probably in the
archives somewhere. I can try to dig it out, if someone needs it,
although you really don't... just go the the parts counter at Pep Boys,
and they can look it up and special order the set for you.

(Usual Disclaimers... yada, yada, yada,... and I don't work for Pep

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