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RE: Should I buy an A4?

>Go for the Sport package, don't go for the BOSE package, and be sure to buy

Well, personally, I like the BOSE. It was a bit weak at the bottom end, but
a $250 Pioneer subwoofer filled in nicely. Not a great deal as far as bang
for the buck, but that assumes your dealer won't deal.

Now, as far as the V6... I'm very happy with my 1.8T. It has every option
except the trip computer (why, did they run out?) and I paid $27K. No
leather, true, but I can live with that. Maybe I'll just put a People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals bumper sticker on it. :-)

BTW, anyone know if the little S4 fog lights will fit in the A4 front bumper?

Steve P
98 A4 1.8TQMS
looking for a "spare" A4 ECU to chip - if you see any A4s doing
crash-testing, let me know