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Re: Horns and steering wheels-83GT

>I drove my friend's girlfriend's 83 GT yesterday and she pointed out
what I
>think is a strange phenomenon. The steering wheel has the normal pad
in the
>middle of the wheel to activate the horn but it may also be activated
>pushing the entire wheel into the steering column. Is this normal?

No. My Audis never had this feature. How much play is there to push
the wheel in? Is it fixed correctly? Does it lead to unintended sounds
:-) ? Maybe you should take off the pad and look behind it. With the
pad off, you might see what's actually happening when the wheel moves

>She seems
>to think her dad knows quite a bit about Audis and I would love to
come up
>with an answer he doesn't have. Thanks all.

Others: please help this guy. I know what he's talking about.