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Re: U-V8Q

In a message dated 6/13/98 10:05:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
cobram@Channel1.Com writes:

<<  I pass on the right, water was a bit deaper, went OVER
   the hood of the my car, thought that's all she wrote, but
   no, made it to the other side of the "Red Sea" without
   Moses's assistence.  Slipped selector back into "E" and
   cruised to my exit at a few over the limit, dodging the
   bodies of those (mostly Japanese) cars that made it
   through but didn't get far afterwards.  I thought the
   V8Q had gone unscathed through the ordeal, but NO, being
   the 13th and not checking with the Audi gods before
   christening the V8Q as  U-8Q, it seems to have developed
   a problem.  The car is driveable, but when full throttle
   is applied, it's like hitting a brick wall, no acceleration
   whatsoever.  It can be "milked" up to higher revs by
   shifting manually and pumping the accelerator, but full
   throttle bogs down dramatically.
   Any BTDT's that I can fish for first when the rain
   stops and she goes into drydock tomorrow? >>

Yup!  First and foremost is your WOT (wide open throttle switch).  Open the
hood and looking straight at the front of the engine under the Coolant hose
there is the connector to the WOT switch.  Unclip it and I'm sure you'll find
substantial water ingress.  clean and dry thoroughlyand everything should be
OK ;-).  Also, don't be surpised if your alternator goes next, due to it being
located so low to the ground...BTDT :-(

-Ingo Rautenberg
1990 v8q 196k+