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Re: RENTING S4/M3 in Europe? Help!

We usually try Sixt Budget in Gemany. A8 sport was fun! Not sure if
tiptronic counts as 5 speeds!! Alternative is Avis who have some fun cars.
Try the numbers below, they are Duesseldorf, but act as central reservation
or will give you another - usually Munich - number

00 49 211 94 29 70 Sixt
0049 211 35702 Hertz

sorry lost Avis, but those two will give you the number if they cannot help.
Normally they can speak good English. You only problem might be that they
won't rent a high performance car to a non German resident. In the past my
wife - who is German- has made the rental with me as the named driver!!

Good luck, but see my other posting on caravan drivers and relative

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From: Sargent Schutt <sargent@novagate.com>
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Date: 14 June 1998 17:00
Subject: RENTING S4/M3 in Europe? Help!

>Here's one for our Euro contingency and US listers who rent in Europe:
>A good friend of mine is 'on walkabout' in Europe right now, and has
>me with a request to secure an S4 or M3 type vehicle for him for a week.
>Anything else fun will do, but it must be performance oriented and have a
>5-speed. For some reason he says it's apparently much cheaper to make the
>reservations from here (USA) than there. Dunno. He's a good friend of mine
>I'll do it.
>I'm not sure if this will be difficult, never BTDT over there. In the
>it's nearly impossible to get a 5-speed rental, and you have to go to real
>special places to find performance cars.
>Phone #'s w/ names, experiences, etc? Any idea what to expect of a price?
>guessing the M3/S4 are goign to be insanely priced, but an A4 1.8 T would
>He is an enthusiast, so anything that might be a satisfying driving
>would be OK. Trying to stay around $700-800 USD for June 22/3 - June 30, if
>possible (no idea on prices). (weekly rates are cheaper than daily in USA,
>true over there as well?) Pick up in Stuttgart or Heidelberg on June 22 if

>possible, June 23 if 22 not possible, and drop off at Frankfurt airport on
>June 30th.
>Many TIA for any leads on this one! All tips/warnings much appreciated!
>91 200q, returning to the road Monday...