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Re:Wrapping the intake in insulation.....

>Hey all, has anyone ever thought of wrapping the intake manifold in some
>shielding?  I notice that the intake is extremely hot after driving, and I
>thinking that maybe if some heat shielding was used, I could lower the
>Would that make any kind of a difference?  It would lower the temp of the
>charge wouldnt it?

Wrapping the "low carbon" steel in insulating wrap tends to make the steel
brittle!  Plus the wrap retains moisture, and help excellerate corrosion,
in Arizona!(BTDT)

If you "coat" the steel prior to utilizing the insulating wrap, the above
problems deminish!

This is where high performance coatings, like "Jet-Hot" comes into play!

On my 86 Coupe GT, I have a fabricated "tubular" header.  Originally it
was chromed, but after a few years began showing signs of corrosion
around the welds.  I had it coated, inside and out, with the silver
Jet-Hot coating!   BEST money I ever spent!  the header looks awesome,
and has so for 5 years now!  Plus the coating "get the heat out" of the
header and engine compartment. (The header is coated all the way
to the cat)

If your looking for a solution, get the header, and down pipe cerami-coated,
inside and out!  It does as advertised!  I assure you!