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unreal miles to empty on trip computer

Hi Qlist,

A while ago there was a post about a problem with an improbably high miles-to-
empty reading on the trip computer (I think it was one of the NE listers,
Andrew or Brett?)   My 89 200q was displaying similar bad data.  I took out
the instrument panel yesterday to replace some bulbs and check on an
intermittent fuel gauge.  I found a loose four-wire connector that seems to
have been the cause of the bad gauge and bad trip computer readings.  Plugged
the connector in tightly and everything is reading accurately now.  

BTW, I took out the instrument panel without removing the steering wheel.

Another tip:  if you can't get your hands on those little Osram instrument
cluster bulbs, you can use widely available type 74 (or is it 72?) bulbs
instead.  You just have to recycle the bases from the blown bulbs.  Press in
the metal tabs on each side and slide the olb bulb and the metal contacts out
of the plastic base.  Break the metal contacts off the old bulb at the weld
joint.  Slide the metal contacts back into the plastic base.  Take the new 74
bulb and flare out the terminal wires a little, about 30 degrees.  Insert it
into the base.  The spring tension in its terminal wires will keep electrical
contact.   (Or you can solder, but solder the metal contacts onto the bulb
terminals before inserting the assembly into the base.)  This description
might not be too clear, but once you're looking at the bulbs, it's pretty
obvious what you need to do.   Save yourself trouble and test each
remanufactured bulb before re-installing.


87 5kcst
89 200q