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O2 sensor testing - again

I apologize in advance for bringing this issue up again, but does anybody
know how to test the O2 sensor for proper operation?

I installed a new one about a year ago (Bosch three wire) on the 86 5ktqw.
At the time, after installing it, I assumed it was working, and never
checked further.  Lately the car feels kind of sluggish at low rpms, and
boost only reaches 1.2, so I decided to pull the codes.  I got a 2342,
'Oxygen sensor bad'.  The thing only has 10k kilometers on it.  I presume
its possible it's bad, but I would like to check it, before I go out and buy
another one.

I have the Bentley's but their procedure requires equipment I don't have.  I
think it was Dave Head that mentioned at one time that you could use a dwell
meter on the test connector of the frequency valve and observe how fast it
swings.  Has anyone tried this?  and what kind of reading am I suppose to
get for a good one vs. a bad one.
If the dwell meter is the way to go, mine only supports 4,6 and 8 cylinder
engines, what setting should I use for the I5 anyone know?

If anybody has any comments, they would be greatly appreciated.

83 Ur-Q
86 5ktqw