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Re: unbolting control arms revisited

Not to pick on this particular writer, but if folks would take about two
seconds to read a bit of a message before deleting, it might certainly
cut down on many of the "synth oil, headlights, tools, etc" posts.

Anyway, here's a cut-n-paste from a message I sent to the list just two
weeks ago (5/29/98 USA, 29/5/98 ROW).

> So, now I'm asking.  What were some of the methods and/or tools used to
> remove the control arms from the subframe, on a 4ksq or C-GT?

Buy a 17 mm combo wrench (box and open end) at a pawn shop for $1. Add a
"acetelyne offset" to the box end. Grind the open end down to ~1/8"
thickness. The
handy small-car-LCA/fuel-pump-fitting wrench.

Don't forget to replace the nuts (or at least use some Lok-tite). Phil
(?) nearly lost a suspension once because of same. Lotsa shock and
vibration down thataway.

'87 4kq
'89 200q
'86 4ks (FS in Idaho, interested?)