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RE: Spark Plug gap (kinda' long)

The spark does move around.  Why I cannot tell you but I have seen it in 


> I just ordered and installed some new spark plugs for my 100S (F6DTC
> triple electrodes), and usually, I just install them straight out of the
> box, without messing with adjusting the gap.
> This time, I took out the trusty Bentley, looked up the specs, and it
> said .039" +/- .004" (or 1.0 mm +/- .1 mm). I figured that I'd try
> measuring and adjusting this time.

I just bought some W7DTC triples for my coupe.  Can't find my gapper,
asked if they sold them at the foreign auto parts place.  The guy said
you can't gap them anyway so why worry?

> 3. Assuming that I didn't set all three electrodes perfectly, does it
> only fire from the one closest, thereby negating the benefit of having
> three electrodes?

They really only fire from one anyway, I think.  As the closest (one
will *always* be closest) one wears a bit, the next one takes over.  By
the time all three are up to 1.1 mm, they should have been replaced due
to age.

How close am I, guys'n'gals?

Huw Powell