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Sachs "Super gas" inserts?

Ok, On Saturday I was invited to attend one of these "vendor fairs" where
you can talk to all the different companies about there products and get
previews of what is up and coming, stickers, posters, and so on and son

  Anyway, Sachs was there and I got one of their "Race Line" catalogs.
Interesting stuff. Anyway, they list an insert for the UrQ's that they are
calling the "Super Gas" (as opposed to Turbo or pro gas). Is built to
compete directly with the Bilstein "Sprints". Therefore it is designed for
lowering springs and is much firmer. 

  My questions would be: has anyone heard of these things? Has anyone tried
them? If you have tried them, what did you think. I LOVE Bilsteins, but I
am also up for trying new things. Pricing is unknown at this point, but I
am guessing that it will be in the same league as Bilstein. 

 Any input is greatly appreciated.

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q

 P.S. I was only really interested in the UrQ application, but my catalog
does show an application for the entire Audi line in the "Super Gas". Also
shows a "Rallye Super Gas" for the rear of the type 44q cars that is
designed for "extreme sporty driving activities" and is "ride height
adjustable through grooves or threads". Just FYI