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Re: "tick-uh" sound on 5kcstq

Thanks, Phil. Really, the EM? The frequency of the sound (not the pitch
but the rapidity of it) is the same whether I've got it in gear or in
neutral, on the gas or off. This surprised me, since I too thought it was
the EM, but I'm pretty sure it's not engine-speed dependent. I'll keep the
windows down tomorrow and keep listening, to make sure.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 138k

> In message
> <Pine.HPP.3.96.980614221338.17926B-100000@apollo0.Stanford.EDU> Wallace
> White writes: 
> > Driving my new 5kcstq around the last few days, I've noticed a ticking
> > sound. At first I thought it resembled the bad exhaust gasket noise on
> > another car I drove, but then I realized that it's not engine-speed
> > dependent. At 40 mph or so, it goes "tick-uh" around 5 times / second,
> > tick-uh-tick-uh-tick-uh. It's not loud--you don't notice it with the
> > windows up. It's only really noticeable when there's something like a wall
> > to reflect the sound back.
> >
> > Any guesses? Hopefully it's nothing to worry about before a big trip? TIA.
> Exhaust manifold.  Often sounds worse when the car has done a hot run,
> sat for a while, and been restarted.
> Cars will run for _ever_ with exhaust manifold ticks.  The only
> possible (but extremely rare) problem is that the tick is coming not
> from the block/manifold union, but from a crack in the outer part of
> the manifold and hot gases are playing on something delicate.  Very
> rare, though.
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