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Re: Help...Wheel dilemma

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Osman Parvez wrote:

> The crack itself is right on the outside lip of the wheel, all the way
> through (I can see the other side of the wheel). It goes down the lip and
> ends where the lip straightens out. God knows how long it's been cracked,


DO _NOT_ use this wheel without fixing it.

(sorry about the korny warning, but it is serious IMnotsohumbleO)

Any portion of the wheel is a stressed member.

> but it could explain the slow leak I've had for many years in one of the
> tires. Anyway, it doesn't look like it would crack any further being in a
> relatively low stressed area of the wheel. 

It will crack further, for sure.   That is thenature of cracks, they 
propagate.  The end of the crack is a stress-riser.  The local stress at 
the end of the crack can be many times higher than the normal stress in 
that area of the wheel, so the crack grows.  Eventually you will have a 
2-piece wheel.


Sure, this is a viable alternative.  The Wheel Shoppe in Detroit would 
prep and weld the crack, and refinish the wheel.

> Does anybody know of a way to salvage this wheel besides sending it out to
> a "professional refinishing shop"?  Used wheels run ~$125, and I could run

No, you need someone who knows how to weld aluminum.

> just replace the wheel and then not refinish it but I'm scared to see what
> condition a used wheel will come in. How bad will the paint look. 

I think you could find a decent used wheel on this list.

> It looks like a super epoxy would prevent the wheel from leaking air from
> the crack. Any recommendations? I discussed welding previously with Igor

Maybe but it won't hold the aluminum together enough to stop the crack.

> I don't believe that a safety issue comes up here because of the location
> and size of the crack. If it did crack further or the "plug" didn't hold,
> the worse I can expect is a slow leak (I hope). 

No, the worst you can expect is a broken wheel, and if it happens at 
speed, you could have a serious accident when that happens.  Definitely do 
not drive with that wheel until it is fixed.

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"