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Re: '93 90 instrument cluster removal

>>I've got good instructions on how to remove the panel, except for one
>>thing--the airbag.  The manual says in big, bold, capital letters that
>>it's very important that I disable the airbag, as per the instructions
>>in another manual that I don't have.  First I thought of just not
>Anyone know why this is? It's perfectly possible to remove the
>cluster w/o taking the steering wheel off, so I guess the only danger 
>would be if you shorted something out while pulling the cluster
>and *BOOM*. Any other ideas?

On my '90 90 and '90 Coupe Quattro, I could replace the bulbs in the
insturment cluseter WITHOUT removing the steering wheel.  On those cars, which
i believe is the same set up as the '93-'95 90V6, you remove 2 screws on the
underside of the steering column.  Then remove the plastic shroud around the
steering column which should expose two screws holding the insturment cluster
to the dash.  Remove these and the insturment pod is free.  Pull out and start
unplugging all the wiring harnesses that go into the back of the insturment
pod.  Then you can wiggle it around the steering wheel to remove completely.
I actually could replace the bulbs without taking in completely out, I would
just remove the wiring harnesses, and turn it slightly to get access to the
back of it and replace the bulbs as needed.

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