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Re: 88 90Q stuck hood cable

It's easier to get at without the grill in front.  If there's no way to
get it off without breaking it is very challenging.  Use a coat hanger and
make a hook.  There are 2 latches for the hood and you need to hook one
side at a time to open the hood.  This has happened to me before and
instead of using the plastic tabs to hold the front grill in, I used cable
ties which I can easily cut off to take the grill off.  With the grill off
a screwdriver works.

'88 90Q 175K miles and burning oil.  Bad #5-time for engine replacement
Anyone got a low mile NG engine?
Nathan Belo

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Michael Williams wrote:

> hey all, a friend of mine with an 88 90Q is having a problem with his 
> hood cable to the point where the thing wont even open.  What is the way 
> to get it open now?  He has a bra on the car as well.  So any ideas?
> thanks in advance
> later...
> Michael Sheridan Williams
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