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Re: 89 octane OK in 2.8L V6?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Tom Nas say:

> Does it say 91 _RON_? That's what mine says, and it's the regular low-grade
> gas here in Europe. I can get 95 (regular) and 98 (super) unleaded here in
> Holland.
> Owners manual says 95 is OK.
> It drives fine on 95. I'm not interested in paying $.10/litre extra for super.


The gas tank flap says "Premium Unleaded, 91 RON or 87 (R+N)/2"
This means regular everywhere I know of.

The owner's manual says:

Minimum: 95 RON or 91 AKI (R+N)/2
91/87 can be used as *AN EMERGENCY MEASURE*  (emphasis theirs).

This is why I hate stuff like this. No explanation of why, except
that you should use light throttle and moderate engine RPM. I assume
a check engine light would light up if I were outside the timing window.

The manual also talks about fuel cleaning additives separately.


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