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Subject: Re: unbolting control arms revisited

> > They're supposed to be self locking nuts, replace every time you remove.
> > 10 mm coarse thread I think.
> How many people do this?  I know the subframe bolts and axle nuts are
> "always replace" items, but I personally never have.  Am I the only one
> living on the wild side?
Huw replied:

I'll reuse if they're coming off again in a week.  Otherwise, it seems
like a foolish risk.  If you *have* to reuse due to circumstances,
loctite threadlocker will give you peace of mind... if you want it, wild
I believe with the subframe bolts the concern is that the undercarriage and
cavity wax finish gets on the bolts upon removal.  That prevents you from
getting the proper torque reading on your wrench, and can make the bolts
loosen over time.  Also, it may prevent the Loctite from getting a proper grab
on the bolt/nut combo.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q
former '86 4000csq that once had a subframe bolt loosen after bushing