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Re: help- car won't start after new air filter

At 12:18 AM 6/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Steve Manning decided to speak these words:

>>Gurdev - changing the air filter on a 90q is a big pain....lots of
>>disconnecting and shoving things around.  Check around the engine
>>compartment...my best guess is that something got disconnected around the
>>air filter.  Did you remove the big rubber boot on top of the air intake
>>flap?  How about all the PCV and vacuum hoses near the firewall?  A big
>>enough vacuum leak and it may not start.  Did your arm slip at some point
>>and slam into something?  Also check the ground wires on top of the
>>manifold, and anything else you can find.

And Michael Sheridan Williams responded:

>I'll tell you one thing.  I just changed the filter on my 4kq tonight, and
even doing the "easy" way and taking out the headlight was >HORRIBLE.  It
is IMPOSSIBLE to get that damn thing in and out of the frame.  ╬oes anyone
have any tips on how to get it out >without bending anything or scratchin
the paint?

Not to plug K&N or anything, but one advantage to using the K&N on the 90q
or 4kq is that the filter element is much thinner than stock, and therefore
a *lot* easier to get in/out of the airbox.   Some of the aftermarket
(Purolater, Fram) filters are even thicker than stock, and just about
impossible to get in easily.

BTW, I don't take out the headlight....I've done it so many time now I can
do it faster without doing it (following is for an '88 90q):
- unclip airbox
- remove intake feeder hose
- detach hoses on intake boot
- detach various electrical connections around intake boot
- remove intake boot
- slightly rearrange braided fuel lines and you'll be able to lift up
housing enough to remove/insert filter.


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