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Re: Just bought 5kcsq, Please help!!

At 05:46 PM 6/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>1.  Radiator has tiny leak, guy who sold it to me pointed it out for me.
>At the top, small tube runs from it.  I am going to replace it, saw some
>prices at Blau that seemed reasonable.  I recall seeing something about an
>'all' metal radiator.  What are the differences?  Any recommendations on
>where to purchase?  How many hours to do?

Don't argue with it - buy an all-metal. CFS and Modine make them - call any
radiator shop. 84-91 5000 will interchange.  Less than a 2 hour job - take
the fan housing out with - email me when yer ready. Done it 2 many times to

>2.  Minor hum from front end while driving.  I think it is a wheel bearing.
>Steering seems to be a little loose on rough roads, which also indicative
>of wheel bearings??  How many hours to do?

Alldata shop manual sez 2.6 hours labor (both sides). They need to be
pressed out. For me its easier to take it to my mech. It would be a full
day's job for me. Not technically difficult. I can tell you how to do it if
you want. The bearing kit was 60.00 with the q-list discount. Reality sez
if you go in there, do it all - control arm bushings run about 10.00 ea,
strut bearings 11.00 ea, and strut bushings run 22.00 ea. You'ld want to
replace any bad/old CV boots too - outers are cheap (10-15.00), inners
aren't (35-45.00 plus the gasket sold seperately). When your car is this
old, look at each job as a rehab project, buy everything you need and do it
all just once. You'll be much happier than piecemealing it...  BTDT...

>3.  No leaks (yet) that I noticed.  How do you know when the steering
>rack/pump are going bad?  Steering seems a little heavy, but not bad,
>steering wheel seems to be a little off center.  All the faq's tell me how
>to replace them, not diagnose them.

When you refill the reservoir more often than monthly - remember - Pentosin

>4.  Emergency Brake - Sellers said it was loose, I thing I see a broken
>cable next to the rear driver caliper.  Is this it? Easy fix?

Depends on rust - an afternoon job. Make sure the caliper actuators work -
known rust problem.

>5.  No air.  How would I check to see if the compressor is bad, or if it
>just needs a recharge?  (I've been following the threads on 134a, if I do
>recharge, will probably convert)  How many hours to install new compressor?

About 2-3 hours. Bought a used manifold and had mine rebuilt. Be prepared
for heart failure when you price these then go find a rebuilder...

>6.  Turn on the heat, does not seem to blow warm air.  If I change from
>defrost, to bi-level, I can hear the baffles moving, and it seems to blow
>ok.  Is this a bad Heater blower? How many hours to replace?

The steak knife procedure is an hour. Factory is about 7 - not kidding.

>7.  Turn signal stalk broken.  Easy fix?  Where can I get one?  Currently
>using a rubber band to keep the brights off.  Funny thing is only 1 person
>flashed their brights at me to turn the low beems on.............

Replace it it ain't cheap.
That's because the stock lights are rated in aingle digit candlepower and
eurolights are the only good option unless you decide to hang Hellas on the
front lip. If you can handle jpgs I'll send you one of mine (it has 100
euros, though).

>8. Driver rear/ passenger window switch dead.  Easy to replace?  What was
>the WD-40 thing?
Pop it out with a screwdriver.

>1.  I *am* going to purchase springs/shocks/stress bar (tap's?)/anit-roll
>bars.  Leaning towards Eibach/Koni combination.  TAP has blistens on sale,
>but still high.  Looking for suggestions.  Also, would it be easiest to
>install all at once, say shocks/struts/stress bar/wheel bearings/steering
>rack?  I will not be doing the work, so if I have all done at once, could I
>potentially save money on the labor?


>2.  ECU/WG - looking into TAP's / Superchips.  Any suggestions/others?

Go with qlist chip and save some bucks - same basic power (a little lower
but you're pushing 200K, ya know).

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