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Re: '93 90 instrument cluster removal

Chris Newbold wrote:
> At 11:25 PM 6/14/98 , Elliott Potter wrote:
> >I've got good instructions on how to remove the panel, except for one
> >thing--the airbag.  The manual says in big, bold, capital letters that
> >it's very important that I disable the airbag, as per the instructions
> >in another manual that I don't have.  First I thought of just not
> Anyone know why this is? It's perfectly possible to remove the
> cluster w/o taking the steering wheel off, so I guess the only danger
> would be if you shorted something out while pulling the cluster
> and *BOOM*. Any other ideas?
Yep, I found out why this is (sheepish grin)...
The instructions I was looking at were instructions on removing the
steering wheel/steering column.  Have to remove the airbag to remove the
steering wheel :)

FWIW I disconnected that one connecter (though there is another one in
the steering column that I just left) and haven't had any problems (at
least none relating to the airbag...yet!)

"Everyone says it's pretty hard to visualize.  That's a lie.  It's
impossible to visualize."
	( George Cain )

> -Chris
> 1993 90CS