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Re: Pentosin 7.1 vs 11

I started this thread, and I am still somewhat confused, although today I
stopped at the Audi dealer, looked at their can of fluid that they sell
under the correct part number, and it clearly said that it was Pentosin 11s
and that it was synthetic.  It looks to me that they made a running change
under the same part number as several people have mentioned.

Dave Puterbaugh
1991 200 20v Quattro sedan, new Euro lights last week, Ned's stage III chip
this week, God only know what the following week (maybe new tires for my 17"
BBS rims).  This is so easy to justify after looking at a $35,000 Volvo,
then deciding the Audi is a great car if you correct the flaws.  Thanks
Quattro list!
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Subject: RE: Pentosin 7.1 vs 11

>How about the other way around Ned?
>From a VERY reliable source I was told "you can use the 11 to substitute
>the 7.1 but not vice versa" is it true?
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>> Guys,
>> I agree with Linus!
>> Audi kept the same part number but went to the synthetic mineral oil.
>> Pentosin 11s is currently the correct replacement fluid for Audi's G 002
>> I overheard once "In an emergency water is better than Dextron or
>> 7.1, cause you can always get it out without ruining the seals."
>> Ned
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>> At 23:24 6/10/98, Dave C. wrote:
>> >So ...
>> >Should I continue using the green stuff in the 91?
>> >Is it a problem if the two are mixed?
>> >Does the red stuff have a different Audi P/N?
>> your parts person must be talking to the same people my parts person
>> is...same story...somewhere around '90 or so, the spec went from
>> 7.1 to 11.
>>  my understanding is that 11 is a synthetic version of the stuff;
>> incompatible, regardless.  i've also heard (on the quattro list) that
>> though audi changed fluids at that time, they did not change part
>> beyond that...your guess is as good as mine.
>> --ldt