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RENTING S4/M3 in Europe? Help!

In message <g6wwaiukpm.fsf@daedalus.crosslink.net> shields@tembel.org (Michael Shields) writes:

> In article <30191@isham-research.demon.co.uk>,
> quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
>> The world's most useful telephone number - 0049 69 6901.  From the
>> USA - 01149 69 6901 - when are you guys gonna join the rest of the
>> world?

> Probably never since 00 here connects you to the long distance
> operator (provided by your PIC).  Try `+49 69 6901', ITU standard
> phone number notation.  `+' means to dial whatever the international
> direct dial code is for the country you're calling from.

My Nokia poserphone will actually _dial_ +49 69 6901, and automatically
substitutes the local country convention for getting to an international

However - it works in 91 countries, but not in the USA.  Even though
GSM is now available in parts of the USA, it uses a non-standard
frequency allocation.

 Phil Payne
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