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Re: 95 quattro driveline noise

Hairy green toads from Mars made Joan  Kotjarapoglus say:

> I purchased a 95 100cs quattro with 50k back in February. Last month I
> heard a noise from behind me like it was coming from the driveline.  I am
> past the 3 month warranty period so am on my own.  The noise is only there
> if I pull out hard on a level surface.  If I am on a steep grade, the
> noise is there every time.  I have never had any driveline noise on my 87
> 5000tq.  Is anyone aware of any peculiar problem with the later audi
> quattros which would cause such noise.  George K   jkot@pitt.edu

I have a '95 A6QW (I assume you mean A6, not 100; the name was changed
by '95). It exhibits no such noise I can identify.

What kind of noise is it? A growl? Rumble? Thump?


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